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Just the facts: My name is Heather and I'm a fabulous, fat, geek of a girl.

After working in a financial planning and tax office for four years, I've decided to go back to school in order to finish my Business degree.

Although I love compliance work, my real dream is to eventually open a used book store and spend the rest of my life reading and being grumpy to teenagers. We'll see how that works out for me.

I'm a reader, a writer, a notorious fangirl and a big fan of the classics. I'm currently having a torrid love affair with Homer and Patrick O'Brian. That being said, fantasy will always have my heart- just don't tell Patrick.

Snarky villains are almost always my favorite characters.

I get excited about TV shows, movies, books and music. Fandom, food, photography and new friends. Crafting, sewing, knitting, video editing and art. Computer programs, comic books, video games and board games. ...just to name a few.

Laughing tends to be my gut response to just about every sort of situation.

I love life, and try to live it the best I can.

I'm completely un-perfect.

Fandoms I follow (in no particular order):

Teen Wolf (Sterek, Peter/Stiles, Sheriff Stilinski/Chris Argent, Peter, Kate, Isaac)
Supernatural (mostly Destiel but I also read J2 and Wincest sometimes)
BBC's Sherlock (Johnlock, Mycroft/Lestrade)
Sherlock Holmes (all books, movies and TV adaptations)
Generation Kill (Brad/Nate, Ray/Walt)
The Avengers (Loki/Thor, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton, Steve/Tony, Tony/Pepper, Pepper/Natasha)
Stargate Atlantis (Mcshep, Ronon/Teyla)
Harry Potter (Harry/Draco, Hermione/Snape, Ron/Pansy, Luna/anyone because she's awesome)
BBC's Merlin (Merlin/Gwaine, Merlin/Arthur, Morgana in general)
Star Trek (Kirk/Spock, Sulu/Chekov)
Inception (Eames/Arthur, Cobb/Ariadne, Cobb/Mal, Ariadne/Yusuf)
Inception/DKR RPF (Tom Hardy/Joseph Gordon Levitt)
Wodehouse (Jeeves/Wooster)
Mythbusters RPF (Jamie/Adam)
Hawaii Five-0 (Steve/Danny)
The Eagle (Marcus/Esca)
Suits (Harvey/Mike)
X-Men: First Class (Erik/Charles)
Veronica Mars (Veronica/Logan)
Inspector Lewis (Lewis/Hathaway, gen fics)
Luther (Luther/Alice)
Wire In The Blood (Tony/Carol)
Battlestar Galactica (Kara/Lee, Adama/Roslin, Chief/Boomer)
Southland (Cooper/Sherman)
White Collar (Peter/Neal, Peter/Kate, Peter/Neal/Kate)
Tintin (Capitaine Archibald Haddock/Tintin)
The Losers (Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Jake Jensen)
Eastern Promises (Kirill/Nikolai Luzhin)
Breakfast Club (John Bender/Brian Johnson)
Major League Hockey RPF (Crosby/Malkin, Crosby/Ovechkin)
Major League Baseball (Zito/Chavez, Harden/Street, Mulder/Harden, Mulder/Zito, Milder/Chavez)
American Revolution RPF (Alexander Hamilton/George Washington)
Naruto (Kakashi/Iruka, Sakura/Neji, Rock Lee/Gaara)
One Piece (Sanji/Zoro)

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